Chapel Care: Our Chapel Refurbishment Project

For the Eastern Suburbs and Woronora Memorial Parks

A highly anticipated restoration will see both Art Deco Chapels at Eastern Suburbs and Woronora Memorial Parks restored to their former glory. This project will see a significant investment committed to help maintain and enhance the parks' important heritage assets.

Construction is expected to commence pending on council approval:

Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park: December 2021

Woronora Memorial Park: February 2022

Both Chapels will be upgraded with leading edge technology to provide high-end live streaming and recording capability, as well as operational and energy efficiency upgrades focused on sustainable practices.

We are excited that work will soon commence.

For further information about this project please do not hesitate to complete the form.

Chapel Refurbishment FAQ

  • What areas around the chapel will be affected?
    • Site access will be restricted to the Chapels, Crematorium and surrounding ash memorial gardens, request for access will be reviewed by SMC on a case by case basis and will be co-managed with the builder to ensure public safety.

  • Will people be able to visit their families?
    • Request for access will be reviewed by SMC on a case by case basis and will be co-managed with the builder to ensure public safety.  

  • Where will the temporary chapels be located?
    • Chapel services at Woronora Memorial Park based on council approval will be held at Woronora Lodge, while at Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park the temporary chapel will be located at the Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum.

  • How many people can the temporary chapels hold?
    • Woronora Lodge can hold up to 70 people, with 36 outside.

      Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum can hold up to 43 people, with 10 outside.

  • What will the new chapels look like?
    • The Chapels appearance will be restored to their former glory, but with added upgrades to public amenity, accessibility and technology.

  • What will happen to my families’ urn during construction?
    • SMC will implement a management plan to assure no urns will be damaged or negatively impacted during the construction period. All urns will remain in their existing location. If they require temporary removal because of construction, families will be notified.

  • Why are you doing this work?
    • The Chapels have been subjected to minor alterations and repairs over a long period of time and in a way that has not allowed them to keep pace with modern day accessibility and compliance standards. SMC are commencing the works in order to maintain and restore the heritage Chapel buildings in a coordinated and holistic manner, and in doing so will deliver a great community asset. The Chapels will continue to service the community and provide meaningful and attractive space that will deliver a high standard of service to the community for future years.