A place of timeless beauty and grace, you’re greeted on arrival by elegant rows and bordered beds of colourful blooms, carefully tended by our gardeners. Come closer and their fragrance will delight the spirit.



Roses have a long history as a flower of love and remembrance. White for innocence, red for love and grief, yellow for abiding friendship. You’ll see every hue in our formal rose garden.

Around the garden, high Niche Walls offer protection from the ocean breeze, providing a calm spot to pay your respects.

Within the garden, you may choose from several ways to create your personal memorial.

Simple and refined, the popular Granite Pedestal comes in a range of sizes, from large to small and double-sized.

Placed along the borders, Garden Walk positions allow family and friends to reflect on loved ones with a small plaque in a serene and gracious setting.

A Family Garden, settled either under a tree or a shrub, and surrounded by its own private border, is also a lovely way to keep your family together.