Crypts, A Final Resting Place

CRYPT … a chamber in which the body of a deceased person is placed.

Being buried into a crypt may seem old-fashioned to some, or something only those of certain cultures and religions might do - but this is not always the case.

Today, crypts not only have a great impact on land saving space, but also offer simple and beautiful above ground memorials to honour loved ones, while keeping families together.

So, what is a crypt exactly and why are they an appealing option for memorialisation?

In more modern terms, a crypt is most often a stone chambered burial vault used to store the deceased. Placing a deceased into a crypt can be called immurement, and is a method of final disposition, as an alternative to, for example, cremation or scattering of ashes.

Once a casket is placed in the crypt, the space is sealed with an “inner shutter” which is usually sheet metal. It is then sealed with the “outer shutter” placed on the crypt. This is usually marble or granite – whatever fascia the mausoleum has as part of its design.

Many cemeteries are now the home for more modern and beautifully designed crypts, showcasing elegantly etched tributes, furnishings made of cast bronze and glass, photo frames, crucifixes, vigil flames and integrated flower vases. Personal mementos can also be added where permissible and can create a lasting and intimate tribute.

These elegant crypts can be found inside mausoleums or undercover on external walls in beautifully designed courtyards. They promote serene and calming spaces for families to visit, knowing their loved ones have been laid to rest in an elegantly crafted memorial.

Choosing an above-ground burial or crypt is favourable for many reasons. The ability to purchase multiple crypts together means that families are assured they will remain close to each other after they pass, while loved ones can visit multiple family members together.

Affordability is another popular factor, particularly where tiered pricing is available for crypts at different levels, whether they be lower to the ground, or higher to the sky.

While it is more common for above ground burials to inter embalmed bodies into a crypt, cremated remains can also be placed inside a crypt. This option ensures that even where family members may hold different beliefs regarding their memorialisation, there are still opportunities for them to remain together and honour their family’s legacy.

And don’t just think that crypts are only popular among certain cultures, older age groups and specific religions. Some of the world’s most well-known names have chosen a crypt for their final resting place including Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, John Candy, Rudolfo Valentino and, somewhere over the rainbow, Judy Garland is in a crypt with the clouds far behind her.

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