Live streaming — bringing families closer together

There’s no need to miss a funeral service, no matter where you are.

If you’re unable to attend a funeral service, you can still take part. All chapels at our memorial parks have the capability to live stream, helping family and friends feel more included.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do we pause a recording?
    • If you are watching a recording and wish to pause it, there is a pause button at the bottom left of the video.

  • How do I watch a live stream?
    • In order to view a live stream, you will need the unique link for the stream page, this will be provided to you by the funeral home or your funeral director. If the stream is a private event, you will receive a PIN to gain access to the live stream.

      Please contact your funeral home if you do not have this link.

  • What web browser is recommended to view the web stream from?
    • We have gone to great lengths to test and minimize the technical challenges of viewing our streaming services, however it is important to mention that the technology of streaming is reliant on many external factors outside our control. Factors such as Internet speed, network reliability, what software is on your computer, and even the hardware you are using to view the stream will all affect the overall experience. To find out which browsers we support please see below:

      • Microsoft Edge
      • Google Chrome
      • Safari
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Opera
  • How many people can view the stream?
    • During periods of high demand our web-based platform has been designed to accommodate thousands of video streams and you can watch a stream on any internet equipped computer, laptop, tablet or phone across the world over. Whilst our platform has been tested across most major Internet Browser Platforms and on most major devices, make sure you take the time to check your stream in advance.

      You can test your device at any time by visiting our Stream Test page.

  • How do I increase the video quality?
    • Our video player will automatically select the most appropriate stream to match your Internet connection speed. This has been designed to minimise buffering and increase the reliability of your service stream.

  • I have deleted my live stream invitation email, what do I do?
    • If you have lost or deleted your invitation email and PIN, simply contact your funeral home and they will be able to provide you the details.

  • Should there be an audio on the stream?
    • Yes, all funeral service live streams include audio.

  • I can see a picture, but there is no audio.
    • Occasionally, due to internet connectivity issues between the streaming location and our servers, video and audio may lose synchronization.

      • If you're watching a stream and there is no audio, please try refreshing the page in your browser. If that doesn’t work, then please close the page and reload the event by clicking on the link again.
  • There is still no audio!
    • Please ensure that your device's speakers are set to an appropriate volume or alternatively try a headphone.

  • What happens if your internet goes down?
    • Our platform has been designed so that if the internet connection is lost (either at the Service or at the user location), once the connection is re-established the stream will automatically continue from its current position.

      • Unfortunately, internet connection is something completely outside of our control (and therefore we cannot provide a guarantee with issues caused by poor internet connection). However, if the connection is down for a prolonged period of time, where possible we will still try to provide you with a recording of the service after the event from your log in screen.