Creating a memorial is an important part of the journey through grief and healing.
Within our gardens, you’ll find a number of beautiful, tranquil places that provide a focal point for recollection and commemoration.


When someone you love passes, every memory becomes a treasure. We will help you find a special place for all your wonderful memories that celebrates and commemorates a person’s life.


Burials have long been the preferred form of memorial of many cultures and religions. Within Woronora, we cater for a diverse community, offering a range of beautiful, culturally appropriate options.

Unique Memorials

The Memorial Park interacts and supports many different community groups and one way it displays this is through the placement of unique memorials positioned throughout the Park.


Our beautifully crafted monuments create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate a treasured life and pay tribute to eternal relationships. It’s also a good way to keep your family together over future generations.


Woronora holds a special place for parents and guardians. We welcome the tiniest, most fleeting lives into our embrace and give those who mourn their loss beautiful, enriching surroundings to express their love..

Missing Persons

At Woronora, we know that when someone you love is declared missing, you need a place to grieve and honour their life.


We're here for you

Whether you need help arranging the special memory of a loved one or need to speak to one of our experienced team, please reach out and let us know.



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