Step inside the quiet corridors of Centenary Court and find yourself in a gracious, open-aired piazza with simple and discreet niche walls.


Centenary Court has recently undergone renovation and now offers beautiful and peaceful gardens, water features, planter boxes and new seating for visitors.

The elegant cloister of Centenary Court is close to our chapels and offers wonderful vistas in every direction, overlooking Karinya Gardens and Serenity Walk. Step inside for a welcome surprise - palm trees, a water feature and dappled light creates an air of deep serenity.

Centenary Court is also home to The Book of Remembrance, turned each day, allowing visitors to record special details about their loved one’s memorial in artistic calligraphy.

Centenary Court offers a range of lovely memorial choices: Granite Family Estates, Family Gardens or Rose Family Estates.

Special services of memory may also be held in this open air environment.