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One of the most important devotions of the Catholic faith, the Stations of the Cross, also known as the Way of the Cross, has been brought vividly to life at Woronora.


Stations of the Cross offers a distinctive resting place for both burials and ash memorials. Its moving meditation on the mysteries of life and death gives family and friends a chance to reflect on Christ’s ultimate message of mercy, charity and hope.

Families may choose to be buried at the heart of this beautiful and moving area, with select positions beneath the Stations themselves. Each Station offers a unique meditation on the hopes and challenges of life, providing a wonderful chance to reflect and pay tribute to the life of a significant loved one.

Our Full Monumental Positions on the lawn within the Stations Precinct provide an enduring memorial in a deeply inspiring place. The lawn area also offers a selection of gracious Family Estates, with spaces for between two and four ash interments.

No matter where you choose to lay your loved one to rest, Stations of the Cross provides a unique opportunity to create a beautiful and lasting memorial in a place of great spiritual moment.

About Stations of the Cross

Designed as a place of deep spiritual significance, the Stations of the Cross displays 14 beautifully crafted statues, each representing one of the 14 traditional stations, arranged in a circular walk, all facing inwards to the central figure of the Risen Christ.

Surrounded by beautifully tended gardens rich in symbolism, this unique place gives families a way to honour their loved ones in a place of great spiritual significance.

Entering the circle, with its 14 traditional stations and trellised circular walk, you’re struck by its quiet serenity. Large and imposing, each two-metre high 2 tonne station has been carved from a single block of solid granite. Their dramatic and austere beauty offers the perfect medium for simple, yet profound messages.

Underneath each station, words of reflection provided by Father Don Richardson offer pilgrims and visitors the chance to reflect on the meaning behind each scene.

Beyond the way, an empty white cross with a dove bearing an olive branch symbolises the miraculous nature of the Resurrection and God’s assurance of peace and the Holy Spirit.


Thoughtful plantings of date palms and olives echo Old and New Testament symbols from the Bible.