Your time with your baby may have been all too fleeting, but love is eternal. Our very special Garden of Angels lets you remember lives taken too soon through miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy.


A loss at this time is more common than many would imagine, yet until relatively recently, many families had nowhere to gather and reflect. Nowhere they could openly remember the little life and the hopes they shared for their future together. A death certificate is not needed to memorialise your child’s special name for this area, which is important for pregnancy loss before 20 weeks.

Fragrant white roses, azaleas and gardenias frame this simple and elegant spot, their delicate beauty offering a graceful backdrop for your quiet moments of contemplation. Here and there, alabaster angels look over the scene, as if to gather each infant in a loving embrace.

A life to cherish, no less dear for all that it was so brief.