About Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW


Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW (SMCNSW) was established in 2012 operating as a Land Manager on behalf of the NSW Government. SMCNSW manage two of Sydney’s larger cemeteries: Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park and the Woronora Memorial Park. The memorial parks cover an area of approximately 83 hectares of Crown Land in the City of Randwick and the Sutherland Shire.

As a community focused organisation, SMCNSW is committed to serving the changing needs of our diverse communities. We are here to help guide families through the most important, long-term decisions they will need to make when someone close to them dies.

As a cemetery land manager, we recognise our tremendous responsibility as custodians of history, to the families and the wider community. We are dedicated to maintaining exceptional records now and into the future, so that later generations can easily locate ancestors.

The land we care for also plays a significant role for First Nations people, local communities who use the parks regularly. The parks are also home to a huge variety of birds, animals and other wildlife.

Historic and iconic, the SMCNSW memorial parks are beautiful, tranquil and distinctive destinations to honour and celebrate life.


About the Office of OneCrown Cemeteries

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW is a part of the Office of OneCrown Cemeteries – soon to be Metropolitan Cemeteries and Crematoria Land Manager (MCC).

MCC is a NSW Government initiative entrusted to bring together Northern Cemeteries, Rookwood General Cemetery, Rookwood Necropolis Land Manager and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW.  Its purpose is to address the serious challenges facing the Sydney cemetery and crematoria sector and to ensure respectful and affordable burial and cremation services remain available for all.

The Honourable Stephen Kamper, NSW Minister for Lands and Property has appointed Ken Morrison as the Administrator of MCC, until such time as a skills-based board is implemented to provide stable leadership, efficient practices and a strategic long-term vision for the future of the industry.

Please be assured that Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW is not in financial administration.  The administrator is appointed under the Crown Land Management Act 2016 to act as a ‘one person Board’ and ensure ongoing governance of the Crown land managers.

For more information about our corporate governance, please contact us.

OneCrown Values

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Genuine Care

  • We show empathy for others, especially at the worst time of their lives
  • We provide emotional support for each other
  • We have the courage to speak up when something is wrong because we care about the outcome

Respect Diversity

  • We actively listen and give others our attention
  • We respect the work and opinion of everyone
  • We go the extra mile to meet specific cultural needs and differences

One Team

  • We communicate with each other clearly, transparently and honestly
  • We collaborate cross functionally to solve problems
  • When something needs to be done, we go out of our way to help each other

Deliver Excellence

  • We take pride in what we do
  • We attend to tasks with our full attention and follow through on our commitments
  • We go above and beyond to achieve the best outcomes for the community

We strive to deliver our vision of being caring and responsive to a diverse range of faiths, practices and customs. We aim to be an integral part of this diverse community as we strive to be at the forefront of world-class memorial parks.

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