Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries

In order to ensure our parks are safe for everyone to use and that we maintain our heritage sites for future generations, there are strict guidelines in place.

If you need to engage the services of a stonemason for such things as constructing a monument, headstone or to add an inscription, there are general rules that must be followed:

1. Always use a Metropolitan Memorial Parks Land Manager (MMPLM) APPROVED Stonemason

MMPLM provides a list of approved registered stonemasons. They can help you:

  • Construct a full monument
  • Construct a headstone in a lawn area
  • Add an inscription
  • Repair or renovate an existing monument

2. Show that you are the legal Holder of the Grave Licence

You will need to be the Holder of the Grave Licence or have authority from the Grave Holder. If unsure of who is the Holder or how to become the Holder, contact our Customer Care team.

3. Submit a permit application

Once you have agreed to a design and price with your stonemason you will both be required to submit a permit application to undertake the works. Only when MMPLM has issued a permit number approving the design, can your stonemason order the stone for the works and then in turn construct your monument. Your chosen stonemason will assist you with the style of monument that is suitable for the area once they have inspected the site including, size, style, materials and heritage constraints.

MMPLM staff will undertake inspections during this work to ensure compliance to Australian Standards and agreed permitted monument is constructed.

If you have a question about a permit, you can make an initial enquiry with our customer care team on:

4. Know your responsibilities

Please note that all monuments constructed are the responsibility of the Grave Licence Holder to keep in good order and to ensure that they are maintained to be safe. See our Flower and Ornaments policy.

If you uncertain about the process or have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team.