Set on a gentle slope leading down towards the edge of the park, Centenary is filled with tiny, entrancing delights. A bubbling brook chatters down the hill, flanked by boulders and spanned by simple bridges. 


The first thing you’ll notice about our Centenary Park is its lush, green tranquility. It’s a truly magical spot, where the outside world and its cares seem very far away.

Paths wind through the garden, perfect for quiet meditation. Trees offer shady respite. Frangipanis release their perfume.

Here and there, birds dart from branch to branch. A small and friendly local water dragon suns itself on a rock. Between the emerald lily pads, sunlight sparkles on the water. Centenary Park celebrates and remembers life, in all its wonderful variety.

Family Memorials are a popular choice, giving peace of mind that your loved ones will remain close. Centenary Park offers a range of beautiful options.

Many people enjoy the beauty of sandstone or the contemporary of granite and Centenary Park has a number of lovely Sandstone and Granite Memorials both sculpted and natural.