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Teardrop Heart Black

Code: AUKU004L (left) AUKU004S (middle) AUKU004M (right)

(clay) L:28cm S:17cm M:22cm (high)

This handmade designed and affordable urn is individually handled making each urn unique.






Tear Drop

Code: AULA580

The Tear Drop urn will hold a portion of ash remains of your loved one.





Code: AULK511

(brass) A: 25.4cm L:7.6cm (high)

This urn is designed using GlossCoat technology and handcrafted with love.




Code: C322L

(resin) 24.7 x 19.6 x 19.6cm

This floral designed urn stands out within the modern urn collection giving a peaceful and rustic feeling.