Extreme Weather

Extreme weather and staff shortages continue to impact cemetery maintenance.

Due to the ongoing unprecedented weather events across NSW, scheduled maintenance across Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW continues to be severely impacted. Additionally, with COVID-19 still affecting staff numbers, operations teams are currently running at a much lower capacity than usual.

These two unprecedented events continue to hinder the ability to maintain our grounds to their usual high standard. Consequently, lawn-mowing, general grounds upkeep and topping up of existing graves is not as readily executed.

While the beauty and appearance of our cemeteries is always of a high priority, the execution of services to families in need, and the safety of those visiting our parks, must come first.

Unfortunately, the wet ground can be unstable for equipment and staff, and attempting to mow too soon can cause damages to gravesites.  As soon as the ground is strong enough for heavy equipment the maintenance program will resume.

Current staff shortages means members of teams are being shared across our maintenance and burial teams to ensure we continue to meet family’s needs.

Cross-training among our workforce is also taking place, and we are in the process of recruiting additional team members, which can however be challenging in this tight labour market.

We understand this situation may cause some distress and inconvenience for our families and visitors to the cemetery. However, please be assured we are doing the best we can during these trying circumstances and working with our staff to ensure everyone is not only safe, but well equipped to deliver quality services to families.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


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