One of the greatest symbols of love and remembrance, roses flourish in Woronora. The magnificent Rose Gardens are a wonderful place to visit with friends and family regularly throughout the year.


The formal gardens, which are celebrated in the Shire Community, brim with colour and delight. Every hue is on show, from sweet pinks to deep rich reds, cheerful yellows and delicate whites. Some of the bushes date back to the 1930s.

The garden itself is laid out in an elaborate pattern that, from the air, is revealed as a stained glass window. A wonderful fusion of colour and harmony, our Rose Gardens are a charming and gentle place to create an enduring and life-affirming memorial to your loved ones.

Placed along the borders, Garden Walk Positions allow family and friends to reflect on loved ones with a small plaque that lies beneath a favourite rose.

Within the central gazebo, simple and elegant Granite Rose Rings offer a place to reflect and remember as you gaze on the glories of the garden in full flower.

While a Family Estate, surrounded by its own private border, is a lovely way to keep your family together.