Our Gardens of the Pieta Mausoleum takes  inspiration from Michelangelo’s Pietà in Rome, to create a sublime and soulful haven of peace.


The Gardens of the Pietà is a magnificent sanctuary for the special people in your lives, down the generations. This handsome building was designed to enhance both light and space, offering a tribute to love, hope and redemption.

Michelangelo’s Pietà depicts Mary, mother of Jesus, holding her son in death. Its message is one of profound and exquisite simplicity, expressing the pain of the mortal and the promise of redemption and resurrection by God.

To capture some of the essence of the Pietà, the finest professionals and artisans were engaged to design and erect a moving homage in marble and granite, topped by a glass atrium from which light pours in.

Specialist builders Frank Di Marco and Sons worked closely with the architects to ensure the vision for the Pieta Mausoleum could be brought to life. Walking in under the cupola, you’ll come to a simple main shrine and altar under a stream of golden light from the glass atrium above. Stretching in two directions, quietly elegant walls are lined with crypts. Warm shades of creamy beige and green fill the space with a comforting sense of calm. Discreet lights on each individual crypt allow you to keep a light lit symbolic of renowned life and life everlasting.

Visitors may recognise symbolism in the very structure of the building, such as the Crown of Thorns cupola that rests over the entrance, signifying the Passion of Christ. Expertly carved bronze statues pay homage to the garden’s formal Italian pedigree, lending an air of reverence and reflection.

Crypts flow in two directions, each corridor blessed by light from the heavens streaming in from pitched-angle skylights, completed by tall, curved windows that overlook the gardens. While in the elegantly landscaped gardens beyond, olive trees offer a sign of peace and tranquility.

Imbued with a sense of light and hope, Gardens of the Pietà is a resting place that offers both great solace and a quiet joy.


Personalising your memorial

Indoor and Outdoor Crypts, four Private Family Vaults and Granite Niches are available within the Gardens of the Pietà.

Whether you are searching for a resting place for a recently departed loved one, or somewhere befitting your family’s desire for a lasting memorial, Gardens of the Pietà will make you welcome.