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The Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum

The newly opened Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum offers facilities for above ground burial, in a building that embraces the beauty and hope of the resurrection.


Themes of transcendence fill this graceful, contemporary building. With its soaring roof that seems to float, cool marble wall panels and glorious mosaic vaulted niche above an ascending Christ in bronze, the Ascension of Jesus Christ Mausoleum is a very special place for family and friends to reflect and remember loved ones.

Visitors will recognise a rate depth of Christian symbolism in every design element. From the cruciform design of the building itself, to the remarkable mosaics at each entrance, the result is a building that provides hope and a sense of spiritually.


Celebrating life everlasting

Light streams in from all sides, creating an airy, almost ethereal atmosphere. Directly in front, a glass-walled, vaulted atrium looks out onto a contemplative courtyard beyond. Suspended within is the focal point of the Mausoleum –  Jesus Christ Ascending in polished cast bronze, with radiating rays behind his head, which is coated in 24-carat gold. 


Personal and elegant

Each crypt offers a simple and beautiful way to honour your loved ones. The crypt furniture is made of cast bronze and glass, with photo frames, crucifixes and vigil flames and integrated flower vases.

There is an indoor and outdoor crypt, two family vaults and granite niches to hold the ashes of loved ones.



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