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Celebrate our rich cultural history at Woronora Memorial Park

It all started over 120 years ago. Following the opening of the lllawarra Railway Line as far as Sutherland in 1885, the site for the township was surveyed in 1886.

The area occupied by the Cemetery had been a small brickworks which closed in 1890. The creation of Woronora General Cemetery was gazetted on 2nd April, 1895, although the first burial took place on 1st April, 1895, the day before the Cemetery officially came into being.

But it nearly didn't happen... a group of local businessmen applied to use the land for a racecourse. However, the Chairman of the Trustees responsible for the land firmly opposed this and voted instead that the land be used as a cemetery. The cemetery was dedicated as a General Cemetery to cater for all religious denominations.

Rail transport played an important role in Australia's heritage. A short rail line linking Sutherland Station and the Cemetery was completed on 30th June, 1900 and operated for almost 50 years. The station was situated on the circle where the Administration Building is currently sited.

The fares for the journey from Sydney on the mortuary train were 2 Shillings and 3 Pence in First Class and 1 Shilling and 5 pence in Second Class; the deceased rode free!

Meanwhile, in 1902 the Devonshire Street Cemetery was closed to make way for Central Railway Station and some of the bodies were relocated to Woronora. That's why some of the headstones here show dates of death prior to the opening of the cemetery!


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