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Celebrating Civic Disability Decade-long Partnership


Civic Disability Services and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries celebrate decade-long partnership

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Civic Disability Services and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries today celebrated the  
long-standing partnership of close to ten years and the return of the Civic Crew to Woronora Memorial Park. 
Joined by Sutherland Shire Mayor, Carmelo Pesce, executive, staff and team members from Civic and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries - through Office of OneCrown Cemeteries (OneCrown) - and board members of the Civic board of directors and community members, today’s celebration marked a milestone in the important partnership for both organisations.  

Civic Disability Services and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries have a long history of service to the Sutherland Shire community, providing people with disability with local employment opportunities and business with positive social outcomes. 

Through its award-winning model, Civic Crew, Civic brings a team of individuals with disability who are partnered with an on-site supervisor and provided with support and training to work within different businesses. Civic Crew roles include administration, warehousing, events, hospitality, cleaning, catering, car washing and lawn care.  

In 2018, Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries expanded employment opportunities with Civic, through the inclusion of the Civic Car Washing Crew and extended both services to the Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park. 

Civic Chief Operations Officer, Kate Smith said the continuity and success of this partnership shines a spotlight on how two organisations working together can be part of the solution – removing barriers to employment, training and support for people with disability. 

“Partnerships such as this, can provide exciting career pathways and lead to  
ongoing employment and other long-term positive outcomes for people with disabilities,” Ms Smith said.  

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The Civic Crew model is designed to bridge the gap between open and supported employment, empowering NDIS participants to access mainstream employment whilst also enabling employers to offer sustainable, inclusive workplace opportunities. 

OneCrown Executive Director of Operations, Rob Smart said the partnership with Civic offers important opportunities for people with disabilities to experience a new work environment, develop skills and expand personal networks; and enables Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries to continue building an inclusive workplace. 

“During their employment at Woronora Memorial Park, our staff have included Civic Crew in activities and events as they would other staff members, providing valued social connections and community participation,” Mr Smart said.   

“Many of the Civic Crew team members and staff from across Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries have worked together for many years, developing great working relationships and friendships, not only with each other, as well as the many and varied visitors and community members who visit Woronora Memorial Park.” 

In 2022, Civic proudly nominated Woronora Memorial Park to receive the Sutherland Shire Access and Inclusion Award, which they won.  

Civic General Manager Industries, Peter Moore said Civic is committed to improving the employment outcomes and opportunities for people with disability. 

"This is a perfect example of the Civic Crew model working wonders with inclusiveness," Mr Moore said.  

“We continue to look for new opportunities and partnerships with like-minded businesses who will engage and support individuals to gain meaningful employment, helping them to reach their potential.” 
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About Civic

Civic is an innovative, for-purpose organisation, committed to working with individuals and partners to develop forward-thinking services that truly meet the evolving needs of clients. Trusted by Australian families for more than 60 years, people have always been – and remain – at the heart of everything we do. 

We support individuals to truly realise their potential. 

Statistically, people living with disability in Australia face far greater challenges securing employment than those without disability. Currently, the labour force participation rate for people of working age with disability is 53% – compared to 84% of people without disability.  

Civic provides NDIS, iCare, Aged Care and other tailored services to hundreds of individuals living in Greater Sydney and beyond. With an extensive service offering that encompasses everything from housing to employment, social activities and holidays.  

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About OneCrown

Woronora Memorial Park, located in Sutherland, NSW is managed by Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW, part of the Office of OneCrown Cemeteries - a NSW Government initiative, entrusted to consolidate the management of four NSW Crown Land Managers. 

OneCrown Cemeteries oversees 1,000 acres of Crown Land and brings together Northern Cemeteries NSW, Rookwood General Cemetery and Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries NSW, with the aim of delivering sustainable and affordable interment options to meet the ongoing needs of NSW’s diverse communities and faith groups. 

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